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Seventy-five of our most popular herbs. Each is individually packaged and labeled with its name and magickal properties. Here's what you get in this kit:

Angelica Root - protection, healing, temperance

Arabic Gum - spirituality, purification

Basil - money & riches, protection, love

Benzoin Gum - purification, prosperity

Bergamont - money

Borage Leaf – Courage, Psychic Powers

Catnip – Happiness, Animal Magick, Psychic Enhancement, Healing Pets

Cedar - healing, purification, money, protection

Chamomile Flowers - healing, prosperity

Chaste Tree Berries - drawing down the moon, crone mysteries

Cinnamon - protection, healing, love, passion, money

Clove - repelling negative influences

Comfrey - protection

Copal Resin - Purification, Consecration, Contact with other Planes, Exorcism

Coriander Seed - love, fertility, protection

Cumin - protection, fidelity, exorcism

Dandelion Root – Sleep, Protection

Dill Weed - protection, love

Dong Quai – Feminine Mysteries

Echinacea – Strengthening Spells

Elder Berries - purification, love

Fennel Seed - protection, healing, purification

Feverfew – Protection

Flax Seed - money, protection, psychic powers, healing

Frankincense Tears - protection, purification, consecration, exorcism

Ginger – Success, Power, Money

Ginkgo Biloba - contacting spirits

Gotu Kola – Meditation

Guarana Seed – Physical & Psychic Energy

Hawthorn - protection

Hibiscus - lust, love, divination, aphrodisiac

Hops – Healing, Balancing

Horsetail - snake charming, fertility

Hyssop - protection, healing

Jasmine Flowers - spiritual love, dream sleep

Juniper Berries - money, protection, love

Kelp - protection, sea & wind spells, money, psychic powers

Lavender - love protection, sleep, chastity, longevity, purification, happiness, peace

Lemon Balm – Healing, Love, Peace, Fertility, Promoting Sleep

Lemongrass - psychic awareness, purification, lust

Licorice Root – Lust, Love, Fidelity

Mandrake - protection, fertility

Marigold Flowers – Love, Clairvoyance

Motherwort - calming, healing, feminine mysteries

Mugwort - protection, divination, clairvoyance

Mullein Leaf – Love, Protection

Myrrh Gum - high psychic vibrations, spirituality, purification, protection

Nettle Leaf - exorcism, protection, healing, lust

Oregano - protection, love, warding off colds

Orris Root - love, attraction

Parsley - lust, protection, purification

Patchouli - money, fertility, lust

Peppermint Leaf - purification, healing sleep, love, prosperity

Raspberry Leaf - protection, love

Red Clover - protection, money, love, fidelity, exorcism, success

Red Pepper – Love, Passion, Hex Breaking

Rosebuds & Petals - ultimate love, protection

Rose Hips - love, health, vitality

Rosemary Leaf - contentment, love, protection, clear thinking, money

Sage Leaf - healing, purification

St. John’s Wort – Protection, Banishing, Calming

Sandalwood - protection, wishes, healing, exorcism, spirituality

Sassafras Root – Health, Money

Sea Salt - cleansing, casting circles, purification, grounding, protection

Slippery Elm Bark – Halts Gossip

Spearmint Leaf - healing, some love wishes

Stevia - Love

Thyme – Clairvoyance, Sleep, Cleansing, Healing, Love

Valerian Root - reconciliation, love, harmony

Vervain - love , protection, purification, peace, money, youth, chastity, sleep, healing

White Sage – Healing, Purification

Yarrow – Love, Clairvoyance

Yellow Dock - healing, fertility, money

Yerba Mate – Lust, Love, Fidelity

Yucca Root - Transmutation, Protection, Purification

Use herbs in sachets & bottle spells or burn them as incense on charcoal disks.

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